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Once we know what function the behavior serves, we can find a more desired behavior to replace the negative one.
Breaking the coercion cycle does not feed into the negative behavior
Benefit 3
By accurately identifying why a behavior is happening we can better handle the situation.
Benefit 2
All behavior serves a purpose. Students are expressing an unmet need.
Benefit 1
Inside is a playbook for anyone to use in any classroom they find themselves in.
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Judy Wiles
My favorite parts of the class were lesson #4, Tips, Tools and Strategies and #5, Behavior Management. I liked the attention signals and I'm going to try to implement them when I sub this week in the elementary school.
Richard Holland
"These classes are well designed to allow me to do the work and research within my own time frames. Also, this particular class is very timely and relevant. It combined grit and mindset as they should be!"
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